Omega contract was created in 2016 and operates exclusively in the field of commercial premises equipment.

The company is specialized in supplying the professional buyer with a differentiated variety of products that includes fabrics for furnishing, curtains and bedclothes, wall coverings, flooring, rugs and carpets, towels, tablecloths, sheets, blankets, linens, leathers, black-out fabrics and furniture. By importing the most specialized design houses of Europe, omega contract has the ability to also offer complete suggestions and solutions with products that cover all kinds of requirements a client may have.

From the simplest to the most complicate project, the company offers quality regardless the pricing level, taking into consideration the different needs of a client. Omega contract’s ambition is to reach to a prominent position of its market by exploiting the flexibility of the cooperation with the over 45 brands, in order to offer the optimal service, quality and prices, paying special attention to the needs of professional equipment.

The goal is to provide exceptional and creative solutions through a complete proposal that satisfies all needs of interior design and renovation.

Whether hotel or cruise ship, whether a small café or large scale sport facilities, omega contract can find the appropriate solution for every client and for every budget.

The specialized personnel are at your disposal to help you in any way possible in the materialization of upcoming or future project of yours. Contact for advice, for a first acquaintance or for finding solutions and design proposals for your projects.